Advertisement of Male Escort Services

Advertisement is an essential part of any industry and that includes male escort. Let’s find out where and how male escorts advertise their services.

1. Calling Cards:

Postcards are found in the phone boxes that makes the sex work so visible. The cards usually designed by featuring an image of an overdressed model who may not be the advertiser and with the image you will find a phone number, location and description of the services. You can find these postcards easily in the phone boxes near gay bars and clubs. Most of them offer sexual services from males to females and there are few cards that advertise male to male services.
Posting these cards in the phone boxes near gay bars is safer as it will avoid male escorts getting involved with crazy people who hate escorts, homophobic people and of course the law enforcement. It is an old way but still effective among people at bars and travelers.

2. Magazines:

Let’s talk about an example. Boyz magazine appeared in London in 1991 and was so popular among the gay communities. The publishers put in the articles features on pop culture, services and products that they thought would interest gays in addition to a list of venues and events marketed at gay men and that list is what paid for the magazine’s location and distribution.
Boyz offered personal contact advertisements and that included a column called “Escorts and masseurs” The column confused people between what I legal and what is not and what is offered and what is not; that is why Boyz decided to separate between escorts and masseurs.
Magazines are considered an old-fashioned way of advertising with the recent emergence of online advertising.

3. New Media:

Internet created a magical world since the 2000s. The first advertisement was in Boyz magazine in 1999 and it was an online link. The personal use increased with time and male sex workers started using it constantly. Early examples show that advertisers used magazines to publish their online links. For example, Boyz has a website so it included the link to it in its articles.
Magazines knew that internet will dominate the industry so they started making websites. After a while, websites became the main place where clients look for male escorts and the ear of postcards and magazines disappeared.

4. The social networks:

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are dominating the world now. Before this spread, some websites were mainly used by male escorts to reach out their clients. These websites offered both real and virtual sexual services.
The problem of these websites is that they were always closed by the law enforcements for prostitution in addition to the high risks of using them for both clients and escorts.
Then Facebook appeared and made life easier. A closed group on Facebook is just all the escort needs to communicate with his clients. Fake accounts are widely used in chat rooms and online sex. Facebook also provides valuable information about what clients want exactly. Posts and interests are valuable sources of information for escorts.

Famous Examples of Male Escorts

when we mention history and escorting, we start thinking about women. There were a lot of famous female sex workers through history like Madame de Pompadour or Nell Gwynn, Marie DuPlessis and more recent women like Brooke Magnanti who writes under the pen name Belle de Jour. You probably know her story well if you watched a TV show that is called “secret diary of a call girl”.
Male sex workers participated in making history too. And like the famous examples of female sex workers, here are the most famous male sex workers from ancient times to near past. 

1. Febo di Poggio:

Michelangelo’s lover. He was an Italian model who and Michelangelo had a sexual and love relationship. Michelangelo called him “the little blackmailer” as Febo always asked for gifts and after a while the relationship ended when Michelangelo discovered that Febo betrayed him. Febo inspired Michelangelo. He referred to Febo by the name Phoebus. here are some phrases of poetry written by Michelangelo:
I truly should, so happy was my lot,
While Phoebus was inflaming all the hill,
Have risen from the earth while I was able,
Using his feathers and thus make my dying sweet.
Now he left me. And if he vainly promised
to make me happy days go by less quickly.

2. Lao Ai:

Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of Qin and the first emperor of china, his mother was Queen Dowager Zhao who had a lover called Lao Ai who had a large penis that made the queen choose him as a lover. Lao, the regent Lu Bewei and the queen conspired against the future emperor but their conspiracy failed. Lao was executed, Lu killed himself and the queen spent the rest of her life under house arrest.

3. Phaedo of Elis:

Philosopher Phaedo of Elis was a Greek, handsome young man when he was captured during the war between Sparta and Elis. He was made to serve as a sex worker due to his beauty.
The famous philosopher Socrates pleaded for his freedom, received him warmly and Phaedo became Socrates writer of his philosophical dialogues. He was present when Socrates died and after that he went back to Elis and opened his own school of philosophy.
Philosopher Plato named his final dialogue “the Phaedo” which describes the final moments of Socrates before death.

4. Herbert Huncke:

“Huck, whom you’ll see on Times Square, somnolent and alert, sad, sweet, dark, holy, Just out of jail, Martyred, Tortured by sidewalks, starved for sex and companionship, open to anything, ready to introduce a new world with a shrug.” That is how the famous writer Jack Kerouac described Herbert Huncke. Herbert was an activist who participated in a lot of movements. He even joined a gang then he left it and worked as a sex worker. His life was an inspiration for a lot of writers and TV directors.

These are some famous examples of males who worked in the sex industry. There are more examples like the French thinker, activist and dramatist Jean Genet, Denham Fouts whose life inspired a lot of writers and the columnist and reporter Jeff Gannon.

How to find a male escort?

It is easier to find a female sex worker than a male one. This is a guide for both males and females who are looking for a male sex worker to make the search process easier. It may vary according to where and how you will find him in the price and the protective measures so you need to pay attention to the details.

1. Online:

Some male escorts work independently; others work with a professional escort agency. Both advertise on male escort websites. The websites that offer these services face a lot of difficulties. The main difficulty is the legality of the site and Prosecutions. A famous American site was closed and the main charge was facilitating prostitution.
Online male sex workers are expensive. They pay for advertisement and if there will be a sexual intercourse, they guarantee the safety of it so they will charge more than any type of sex workers.

2. Streets, bars, and clubs:

In some countries, there are places known for escorting. You may hear things like gays bar, lesbians club or even a street that is famous with escorting. All you have to do is to drive your car in this particular street for example and you will find male sex workers on the side of the road. Bars and clubs are safer than streets. In most cases professional sex workers in the bar or the club pay for being there because streets are always liable to police arrests so they are dangerous for both the client and the male sex worker.
Another point that you must take care of it is that sex workers in such places are probably not using any safety measurements while having sex. Make sure that the sex worker is using the safety procedures to avoid getting a sexually transmitted disease.

3. Bathhouses and sex clubs:

Escorting mostly is banned in such places especially for professional sex workers but sometimes the management of the place turns a blind eye to escorting in order to keep the clients coming to the place. If the country does not allow escorting, the law enforcement may shut the place down.

4. Male brothels:

Some countries legalize male brothels. They consider the brothel as a work place and the owner must have a license to run the place legally. The advantages of brothels is that the place cares about keeping a high level of sex workers, it makes the sex workers follow the safety procedures before the sexual intercourse and it provides medical care for its workers.

5. Sex tourism:

Well, if your country prohibits everything related to male escorting, travel to a country that allows it. If you are a client or a sex worker, that is a solution. Some countries consider prostitution as a source of national income in the first place and they care medically about the people in the sex industry.

Use any of these ways to find a male sex worker and again you must make sure that the sexual intercourse will be safe to avoid having a sexually transmitted disease.