Top Tips For Male Lovers

Spice Up Your Sex Life This Summer If you want to become a better lover, all it takes is following some simple tips! If you’ve made it here, chances are you’re looking how to improve your skills in the bedroom. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or are playing the field, being able to satisfy your lover in the bedroom is essential. Sex fosters the strong emotional connection between two people, so it’s really worth spending some time on getting better at it! Never fear though – because you can up your game in no time at all! By following a few simple steps you can have sex that’s better for both you and your partner. Talking The first thing to remember is that communication is key. After all, you can’t have a good sex life if you and your partner can’t even talk about it. So have a chat and open up to each other, sharing your deepest desires. For all you know, that one thing that you have been itching to try could be something that your other half is interested in too! Then the fun can really begin. Toys Toys are something that women experiment with far more than men, and that needs to change. There are so many sex toys that can totally transform your sex life if you’re game enough to give them a go. Anal toys are something that many guys love, as it stimulates a totally different erogenous zone. Cocks rings and male masturbator toys are fun too, and can be used on your own or with a partner. Lube Lube is an essential that you can’t live without – so be sure to pick some up on your next shopping trip. Finding the best lube for gay sex doesn’t need to be a chore. Sites like Esmale stock a huge range of lubes, so take your time and have a close look at what’s on offer. There’s a different lube for every kind of anal play – from using toys to fisting. So think of what you and your partner will get up to, and stock up! Not sure? Then try a few. Get kinky It might seem like a big step to take, but experimenting with fetish and restraint is actually a really great way to liven up your love life. Things like handcuffs and blindfolds are great for beginners, and will allow you to play with the power dynamic in the bedroom. Once you’ve worked your way up to something a little more daring, things like whips and electro sex toys await. Small steps If you feel a little overwhelmed, then just make a vow to try something new every week. This could be anything from a new sex position to a new kind of lube. With each new thing you try, you’ll become more adventurous and in tune with your body. Of course, don’t feel limited to just one thing. If you and your partner want to push the envelope even more, go for it! It’s time to unleash your sexy side! Making the effort to become a better lover won’t just benefit your partner, but you too! You’ll become much more confident in the bedroom, and sex will become something that you really look forward to again. So why not do a little shopping and see where the night takes you? Some very naughty fun awaits!

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